JJP is currently serving in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Along with our own projects, we also partner with churches and organizations in the area in order to enhance the work already being done to help spread God’s work in the country. If you are interested in more information or would like to get involved, please contact us directly.

Our projects include:


~ The Pencil Project
The purpose of this project is to enhance education. Many of the students we encounter do not have money to buy pencils. We want to eliminate that problem in our schools. Not only will we provide pencils for the students, but our pencils will have messages attached to them that tell each child they are loved by Jesus and by us!

~JJP Centers
Each one of our centers are run by local churches that have taken on the task of feeding children in their rural communities. Because of your donations and local support, we are able to feed, disciple, and educate children three days a week. These centers are also our gateway to reach unsaved parents who are required to volunteer once a month. We also host annual Christmas parties for each of our JJP Centers!

~Tutoring for Children: 
There are many children who cannot attend school due to financial reasons. Many of them are working on the streets to sell candy or crafts in order to make a few extra dollars for the family. We want to be able to spend time with these children in street tutoring sessions focused on basic math, reading and writing. The service is free of charge.

~Missions Trips:
One thing that we passionate about is MISSIONS! We love to take our local teams and teams from the United States to work with some our partner churches around Latin America and West Africa. On our trips you can expect to connect with fellow believers either and to share Christ with everyone that we meet. In our Parties with Jesus, Belizeone of our favorite activities, we use through song, dance, games, and much more to help share Gospel with neighborhood kids. No only do they get to hear the message of Salvation, but we also serve special meal, give food baskets, and gift each child with a special JJP Backpack with a Bible and many other goodies!

~ The Global Impact Project
Keep an eye out for our new project launching April 2021!

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