JJP is currently serving in Granada and Managua, Nicaragua AND the Dominican Republic. We have partnered with a few organizations in the area in order to enhance the work already being done in the areas, to help spread God’s work in the country. If you are interested in more information or would like to get involved, please contact us directly.

Our projects include:

20140423_220414~ The Pencil Project
The purpose of this project is to enhance education. Many of the students we encounter do not have money to buy pencils. We want to eliminate that problem in our schools. Not only will we provide pencils for the students, but our pencils will have messages attached to them that tell each child they are loved by Jesus and by us!

~ESL Missions in Granada, Nicaragua:
Focus: Introduce English as a Second Language to public schools that cannot afford an ESL teacher. By providing this service, we are able to, not only teach the students, but also bring God into the schools. Our assignments may include  memorizing Bible verses or singing English praise songs with the students. Interaction with our students inside and outside of
the school is aimed at showing them the love of Christ; above all, our lives are living testimonies.

~Street Tutoring for Children:20140501_131934 
There are many children who cannot attend school due to financial reasons. Many of them are working on the streets to sell candy or crafts in order to make a few extra dollars for the family. We want to be able to spend time with these children in street tutoring sessions focused on basic math, reading and writing. The service is free of charge.

~Parties with Jesus:
On our mission trips, we love to share Christ with the kids we meet by throwing them parties!  Through song, dance, games, and much more each child that attends will not only hear the Gospel, but also enjoy a special meal  and take home a special JJP Backpack with a Bible and many other goodies!

~Outreach for Women in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic:
Simply said, these young girls and women are working as prostitutes. Many of them will tell you that they feel shamed by what they do, but they have no other option. Some of them were placed out there by their very own parents. We want to be able to share God’s love with these princesses by telling them they are valuable. Sometimes we cannot comprehend their situations or why they would turn to this lifestyle, but we can be a listening ear. A lot of these women need someone to just talk to without feeling judged. That is where our outreach comes in. By spending time developing relationships with these women, we aim to bring them to a better understanding of Jesus Christ, how loving and forgiving He is to everyone.

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