About JJP

Featured image“Jehovah Jireh
My Provider
His grace is sufficient for me”
-Don Moen

The Jehovah Jireh Project (JJP) began in 2010 when God placed multiple burdens in the heart of Oyin when she studied in Last Harvest Master’s Commission in El Salvador. This ministry revolves around bringing a different face to missions. With the effort of extending the hand of Jehovah Jireh, the Provider, JJP provides spiritual and material resources to the people of the world. Salvation is the aim, but we also want to leave them with the tools they need to live, prosper, and spread the Gospel as well. Since beginning in Nicaragua, JJP has spread out to more countries in Latin America and Africa. Our desire and our goal is to Make Him Known by showing His love to all of His people.

Christ is the fuel behind this project.    DSCN0407

The goals are:
-To love the way Jesus does- unconditionally.
-To share the message of the Gospel and the saving grace that comes through believing in Jesus Christ as our Savior.
-To promote education through materials, English as a Second Language-based missions, and sponsorship.
-To provide services and economic resources to our overseas brothers and sisters.

The following projects include:

~ The Pencil Project
~ Feeding programs in Central America
~ Parties with Jesus
~ Missions (local and international)
~ New projects coming in 2021!

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