Become a JJP Ambassador


Jehovah Jireh Project Ambassadors are full time representatives of JJP overseas. They are our eyes, hands, and feet on the field. Through the JJP we will set you up with ministry and volunteer work along with the necessary connections in order for you to thrive on the field. We currently have Ambassador opportunities in two countries:
+ Nicaragua- ESL Teacher
+ Dominican Republic- Project Liaison
+ Belize- Project 

JJP Ambassadors are volunteers and will be required to raise their own funds. However, we will be here to support you along the way.


~ First we encourage you to PRAY about the decision. You do not have to dedicate the entire year, but the longer the better!
~ Second, please contact us about your interest and availability. We will make it work even if it’s from 3 weeks to 3 months.
~ Third, upon being accepted, build a support team. Raising funds isn’t easy, but we’ll guide you along the way with your team.
~Four, SPREAD THE NEWS! You’re going to be doing awesome things for other people AND spending time overseas.
~Five, prepare yourself. We ask that all ESL missionaries be fluent in English. You do not need certification. Take the time to learn Spanish. We’re not asking you to be fluent, but you’ll appreciate more from your experience if you can communicate easily.

As we are looking to expand our ministry, we are looking for ambassadors who are eager to travel and build bridges between JJP and the community. As an Ambassadors you will not be living isolated, but you will be involved in the community life through work, church, and volunteer efforts. Are you ready for such a challenge? Do you have a country you’d love to explore as a JJP Ambassador? Let us know!

Apply Here:

 Interested in bringing a team down to Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, or Belize?
We’d love to work with your church, group, or organization: Please email us at to request information.

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